The City: A Novel - Dean Koontz

I know I am behind at releasing my review for this book, but it took me that long to read it. I had a lot of trouble getting through this one. The story line seemed to drag on, there were more details present than I thought necessary. It wasn't until the last 15 pages or so that I really started to enjoy the story and wanting to know what came next. This did leave me with a better taste in my mouth about the story as a whole, but it came a little too late.

This story is a retelling of Jonah's life by a 59-year-old version of himself. He goes through some major traumatic events as a child but he finds an outlet with piano playing. It turns out he is a real piano prodigy. He forms relationships with others in the community, including his neighbor Malcolm, through his music. Koontz does a great job at weaving relationships between Jonah and other characters including his mother and grandfather, his neighbors Mr. Yoshioka, Malcolm and Amalia; the woman who is the city, Miss Pearl. My favorite character in this book had to be Mr. Yoshioka. He was just such a friendly, genuine man who really cared about Jonah. Other characters, including Jonah's father, Fiona, and Drackman, seemed to be placed in the story to add some thrill and suspense but they just fell flat for me. We never really find out enough about them to add much to the story.

Koontz is well known for his thriller novels however this novel went a different way. Even so, he tried to fit in some elements of horror with a creepy ass character named Fiona. Being completely honest, these scenes did leave me a little shaken up and scanning the room to make sure no creepers were sneaking up on me. However, it seemed so forced and didn't add much to the story. Overall, I was disappointed in this story. It was a 2 star until the last 15 pages during which I bumped my rating to a 2.5.

Recommended For: Die hard fans of Dean Koontz

*Dislaimer: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.